There is a role for a Free Church voice in education, both generally and in relation to religious education and spiritual development.

the free church perspective

The Free Church perspective is free from the Christian establishment and is shaped by past and present circumstances. It is not limited by an interest in denominational schools, but is committed to what is best for all in education. The Free Churches are rooted in local communities and, despite theological differences, are united by their nonconformist convictions and a concern for the education of the whole person.

the free church education committee 

The Free Church voice on education finds expression through the Free Church Education Committee (FCEC) whose members all have experience and an active interest in education. Particular focus areas of education include Religious Education, Collective Worship, Education Policy, Further Education and Higher Education. 

a voice in education

The FCEC uses its voice to critique present values; to sensitise the denominations; to lobby and inform the government; and to support individuals involved in education, whether as professionals or volunteers. It sees its purpose as seeking to clarify the distinctiveness of the nonconformist Christian voice in education and to articulate its message with conviction and confidence. 

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The office maintains contacts with every local authority regarding the Free Church representation on their SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education).