Sharing fully in ministry to both patients and staff in the institution of healthcare.

chaplaincy in the nhs

Health Care Chaplains are employed by the National Health Service (NHS) and Primary Care Trusts, authorised for ministry by their respective denominations or faith communities. They are employed to meet the spiritual and/or religious needs of people of all faiths, philosophies of life or none.

A Free Church chaplain is an integral member of the chaplaincy team (ecumenical and sometimes multifaith). He or she shares fully in ministry to all patients, staff and to the institution, having a particular brief for patients from Free Church Denominations.

At its best, our National Health Service is there when we need it, at the most profound moments in our lives. At the birth of our children. At the deaths of our loved ones. And at every stage in between - as we grapple with hope, fear, loneliness, compassion - some of the most fundamental elements of the human spirit.
— Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England


debbie hodge

Debbie Hodge, Secretary for Healthcare Chaplaincy, provides leadership on Healthcare Chaplaincy work at a national level for the Free Churches as well as in a multi-faith context. This involves publication of a Chaplains’ Register, providing awareness seminars and training for Chaplains and Chaplaincy Volunteers and the management of a number of pilot project supported through NHS England funding. This activity serves the public good by supporting pastoral, spiritual and religious care in NHS hospitals and other care settings.