The Free Churches Group comprises twenty-four denominations which seek to promote faithful Christian witness in the public square.

FCG seeks to express the unity in Christ that is shared by Free Churches in England and Wales by promoting fellowship, shared counsel and working together, where possible, to extend Christ’s kingdom in every sphere of society. This is done whilst recognising that each Group Member remains at liberty to fulfil its own distinctive witness and mission.

There is a particular focus on chaplaincy work in Prisons, Healthcare and Education although much wider issues in these areas and other fields are considered. Maintaining the spiritual testimony of the Free Churches, upholding their full religious liberty and taking action on matters of principle, where appropriate, are rooted in FCG’s mission.

Our work

We organise a number of important gatherings, including the 'Meeting of
Representatives' from each member denomination, serving as a valuable time to discuss issues and shape the work that is done.

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The Free Churches Group is a network of 24 National Churches in the Non-Conformist, Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions, providing healthcare and prison chaplaincy services and education support from a Christian value base in England and Wales.
— Churches Together in England

Documents & Publications

The Free Church Education Committee, along with working groups commissioned by the Free Churches Group, have published a number of documents and papers which you can access and download here: