A Rich History

Since the 1880's...

... there have been bodies established to enable the 'Free Churches' to have a common voice and public presence. The Declaratory Statement of Faith and Practice from 1917 continues to serve as the basis for membership. In 1940 the Free Church Federal Council was created, bringing together a number of predecessor bodies.

The Free Churches have a history of advocating freedom of belief and conscience, seeing personal faith as integral to the Christian Gospel. They continue to do this whilst seeking to create a safe, caring and equal society where intellectual, spiritual and socio-economic freedoms allow people to exercise choice in a way that enables everyone to flourish. It facilitates the corporate expression and promotion of these values, speaking into issues of public concern and serving society.

A public presence is given through the Moderator, Revd Dr Hugh Osgood, who also serves as one of the Presidents of Churches Together in England, maintaining links with a number of other key organisations.

I am honoured to have been elected as Moderator of the Free Churches Group and will seek to represent this significant constituency in a way that reflects the rich spiritual heritage and diversity of the member churches.
— Hugh Osgood, Free Churches Moderator
Hugh Osgood

Hugh Osgood

the free church federal council inc.

The legal body, established in 1940, which remains behind the work of the Group is the Free Church Federal Council Inc. (Registered Charity No. 236878 || Registered Company No. 00364987).

Denominational representatives to the Group Meeting elect a number of Directors who also serve as Company members. Historic investments are managed in order to finance the work of the Group.