Finny Music

Finny was sent to prison at the age of 12 years old and given a total of 11 years to serve throughout his life of crime before finding Christ at 19. He is a talented singer/songwriter and uses his music to carry the message of the hope that is in Christ to those who do not yet know.

THE FINNYMUSIC PROJECT – The band FinnyMusic led by Finny go to prisons and give concerts, lead services, share testimonies and give out “Freedom Packs”.  These packs contain practical information and useful contacts as well as copies of the FinnyMusic CD and various testimonial books.  Outside of prison FinnyMusic hold fundraising concerts to support this ministry.

WHAT COULD IT MEAN FOR YOU? – If you make contact with us, we can arrange to come to your prison and give a concert/lead a service.  Finny’s message is inspiring to all and we are keen to share it …….concerts/testimonies, in and out of prison.