Day 1 - Bitter water made sweet


Read: Exodus 15

THEME: To live life well we need to know that God is watching over us and engaging with us, especially when times are tough.

The victory at the Red Sea had led to a three day thirst-riven trek into the desert. Suddenly there was a glint of sunlight on some water ahead and hopes began to soar. Optimism was dashed, though, the moment the water was tasted. It was far too bitter for anyone to drink, and Moses bore the brunt of everyone’s complaining.

Within three days Moses had gone from national hero to a focus for discontent. God’s intervention was desperately needed, not so much to salvage Moses’ reputation as to quench the people’s thirst.

A few more days and they would have arrived at the oasis of Elim with its twelve wells and seventy palm trees, but God wanted to reveal His interventionist power. It is easy to walk away disgruntled from bitter water but it is another thing entirely to see bitter water made sweet.

God showed Moses a tree. Given the polluted environment, it did not look particularly flourishing or attractive, but Moses was inspired to uproot it and cast it into the pool. The transformation was instant. The unpalatable was made palatable and the people were refreshed.

Maybe today you will be in contact with bitterness and want to walk away. Two thousand years ago the cross of Jesus stood in the midst of a polluted environment and then as now the benefits of His reconciling death can be applied to any situation demanding transformation.

Let us see the bitter made sweet.