Day 13 - Simon Peter: a brotherly introduction

Read: John 1:40-42

THEME: The first two chapters of John’s Gospel record significant encounters at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Meetings that were noteworthy for Jesus were even more important for those He met.

When Andrew brought his brother to Jesus, Andrew may well have been at an advantage. After all it was Andrew who had benefitted from John the Baptist’s input, and Andrew and his friend who were convinced they had found the Messiah after spending a day with Jesus. We do not know what Simon was expecting as Andrew insisted on this meeting. After all, the encounter has not become famous because of words spoken by Simon, as none are recorded, but for the promptness with which Jesus summed up Simon’s character and reset his future with five simple words, ‘You shall be called Cephas’ (or Petros, meaning a stone).

These words were definitely destiny-shapers. For as Jesus went on to shape Simon Peter’s life, these five words spoken at the outset secured a direction of ever increasing reliability for a man who was initially marred by impetuosity.

Sometimes when God speaks things into our lives we know that it will take time to grasp their true significance. Sometimes it is good to say nothing so that the power of God’s words and the effectiveness of His guidance can have their full impact.

God is in the business of speaking hope into all our lives.