Day 26 - Protection and Provision

Read: Psalm 23:1

THEME: Psalm 23 carries a weight of maturity. It is more than a song of a shepherd boy; it is the testimony of one who has been shepherded through a lifetime of pain, challenges and correctives.

In looking afresh at Psalm 23 we can begin by changing the tone of the first verse so that it sounds less like a lullaby in a field and more like an assertion in the face of day-to-day realities. It could be read as a bold exclamation: ‘The Lord! My Shepherd! I shall not want!’ When expressed in such a way we can see clearly that the confidence concerning provision comes from a realisation of God’s shepherding care. He is MY SHEPHERD and because of that... lack will not overtake me.

This is a big testimony from a man who has lived all of his life with major needs, and at times with seemingly only the most limited of supply-lines. How did David feed an army whilst living on the run from Saul? How did David find the wisdom to govern a nation when his only role model was a man who had lived out of his insecurities and fears? His answer was simple; he was constantly shepherded by a Shepherd, and His Shepherd was the Lord. Issues such as food for his troops and wisdom to rule were seen in a fresh light when such truth was asserted.

Regardless of what issues we may face today, let us start with a bold exclamation, ‘The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not lack!'

Let us set our challenges in a more positive perspective so as to have a genuine testimony of God’s goodness.