Furthering our vision....!

We have a vision to pursue with further education! We are on the path to developing awareness in our churches of the crucial role which further education play in our society and to develop ways churches can get involved. 

In 2015, a Working Group was commissioned by the Directors of the Free Churches Group to produce a report on the current and potential future engagement of the Free Churches with Further Education (FE). A report was published by the Working Group in July 2016.

** A Vision and Policy Statement has been developed, affirmed and shared during Autumn 2017. You can read a copy HERE. ** 

Join us as we develop and pursue this vision - find out ways in which your local church or wider denomination can get involved - please do contact Sara Iles, Education Assistant, for further information! sara.iles@freechurches.org.uk 

"The nature of FE makes clear the significant part it plays in the society that our churches seek to serve. This commitment to deepen our engagement with FE will entail doing more to identify and connect with those involved with FE within our own congregations and for churches to seek out and create opportunities to engage with the FE colleges in their local communities. " From the main FE Report 2016 

Photo taken by Isobel, a sixth form student from the Midlands.