Every school, a prayed for school... pray with us on 20th November

Join us in an international day of prayer for schools, coming up soon!

Pray Day is the third Tuesday of November every year when schools across Europe and around the world are the focus of prayer.

This year it will be held on Tuesday 20th November 2018, with schools across the UK taking part. If you haven’t heard about it before, this is a day set aside every year for people across Europe to focus on praying for their schools, with events taking place in many countries including the UK. The day is for:

  • all types of school from nursery to sixth form

  • pupils, school staff, governors, parents, church leaders, youth workers and anyone else concerned about young people

  • anyone who believes that God hears our prayers

Resources for PrayDay 2018 based on Psalm 100 - a psalm for giving thanks to God

You can download the Prayer Sheet and other ideas for getting involved HERE.

“Shout to the LORD with joy, everyone on earth. Worship the LORD with gladness. Come to him with songs of joy.”