As part of our aim to feature resources and links from partner organisations and member churches, we are pleased to share a link to some Easter resources developed by the Spinnaker Trust. Martin Sweet is Director of Spinnaker Trust and an active member of the Free Church Education Committee. Martin also serves on the Baptist Education Group. 

These Easter resources are suitable for primary age children, but would be interesting and thought provoking for use in any setting... you can download the materials, free of charge, from the Spinnaker website HERE

The Trust writes: "Our featured Easter Assembly resource is taken from a series in which we use various storytelling techniques and visual aids to bring the stories of Jesus to life. Our method is not to re-write stories into modern settings, but to fuel our listener’s imaginations and reflections with word and picture. This, 'the Empty Box' story works well as part of the series or as a stand alone assembly. Spinnaker’s teams have used many of these ideas time and again, so we know that children have gained both knowledge and understanding through these stories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!"

Spinnaker supports and resources teachers in primary schools by leading assemblies and RE lessons and by providing opportunities for children to engage with Christianity. We also aim to equip churches to bridge the gap between themselves and their wider community by establishing links with local primary schools..