Towards a Free Church Vision for Higher Education

Towards a Free Church Vision for Higher Education

In 2014 the Free Churches Group (FCG) set up a Working Group ‘to discern the most effective use of resources and best ways of equipping Free Church people to engage with Higher Education’ (HE). The group submitted a Report to the FCG Directors in May 2015. The Report is entitled Hope in Higher Education - a full copy of the report can be downloaded HERE.

In August 2016, the Working Group drew up a paper setting out how the we, as the free churches, could work towards a Free Church Vision for Higher Education. You can read this visionary paper HERE

Highlights of the paper set out why and how Higher Education and the Free Churches can collaborate:

  • Every Individual is Important to God
  • The Education of the Whole Person
  • Seeking the Kingdom of God
  • A proper secularism
  • Inclusion
  • The Search for Truth

Read the full paper HERE and find out more about the ongoing work of the HE Working Group by contacting the FCG Education Officer, Sarah Lane Cawte: