Fruitfulness on the Frontline...

The national Christian FE charity Festive have produced some inspiring and helpful resources for Christian Unions in colleges and for use in Christian youth groups in your churches and communities.

The resources are produced in partnership with The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) and are designed to support us to a 'make a difference where we are'! You can download and share these resources, free of charge, from the Festive website HERE

Here is an extract from the introduction:

  • "Have you ever wondered: How can I make everything I do in my place of education count for Jesus and his Kingdom?
  • How am I supposed to live as someone who belongs to God where I study?
  • Festive has teamed up with LICC to adapt their amazing Fruitfulness on the Frontline (FOFL) resource to help you bear good fruit in your college in everything you do!"

Photo credit for picture of blossom on this article: Melissa, aged 13 

Check out and share the resources with your churches and youth groups... HERE