The best start in life....

As part of our goal to feature articles from FCG member churches and groups, I am pleased to share a link and letter from the Baptist Union of Wales magazine, which is called The Messenger

Over the last couple of years, the Baptist Union of Wales have been supporting a project to improve maternal healthcare in Ghana as part of their Christian Aid work. Their churches have raised over £70,000 to support this work. Amazing effort! 

Please join us as we pray for the work of Christian Aid, for the generous donation given to their work in Ghana for maternal healthcare, so that babies have the best start in life and their mothers are supported to maintain their health and well-being... May God continue to uphold the work of CA in Ghana and elsewhere and encourage churches to be valiant witnesses to all of us who are in need. Amen 

What are the plans in your church for Christian Aid Week?- 13th - 19th May 2018.  

You can download inspiring ideas, suggestions and prayer resources HERE

You can read the full letter of thanks from the Ghana Christian Aid Country Manager HERE