Moving on, with hope…

Transitions at any stage of life can be difficult.

When we think back in our own lives, when we moved house, church or job, we probably encountered challenges and hard times. Those young people who are making plans to start university this year, may have many worries and concerns about such a big life change. This is made even more complex if the young adult has mental health challenges. You can read an article HERE about Elliot who talks of his experiences and get some ideas on how to cope with this transition.

The Free Churches Group have been committed to supporting our member churches to actively engage with the Higher Education (HE) sector. You can read more about our Hope in HE work HERE.

The Student Christian Movement have some useful resources to support young people who are moving on to university - you can see these HERE. You can also order a support pack at this link so if you are moving on to uni or know a young person who is, this may be useful.

I am grateful to Revd Cassandra Howes, Co-ordinating Chaplain, at University of Bedfordshire, for this link. Cass serves on the FCG HE Working Group - for further information and to read the FCG reports on HE see HERE.