Mental health support for students...

Many of us will be acutely aware of the increase in mental health issues for our children and young people. A recent article, from the BBC, highlights the need for increased mental health support for students at University. You can read the piece HERE.

What can you do at your church? How can you pastor people in need? 

Are there young people in your area who are moving away to study at university? How are your church putting in place ways to continue to support them?

Are you aware of a network of counselling and support services who can help those who need it? 

We encourage prayer in our congregations to ask for God's grace, mercy and guidance for all of those in need and to support our young people at this key time of transition... Amen. 

The Student Christian Movement have published a free pack you can use to support students moving to your area, outlining how to welcome them to your church ... you can download it HERE