Will you write a prayer for your school?

As part of our work in the education team at FCG, we work closely with Pray for Schools.

Our latest initiative with them is… “Share A Prayer” Will you write a prayer for your school and share it with us?

Pray for Schools say…”We are collecting a variety of prayers from both adults and children about your school: the well-being of pupils and staff, touching on issues of concern and hopes for the future.”

So why not get your thinking, praying and writing caps on?! Send a prayer to: england@prayforschools.org

Find out more - download the poster here.

Tell folk at your church and in your house-groups about this. Get creative! Inspire us to pray.

These prayers will be shared as part of the Pray Day for Schools coming up on 19th November.

(photo courtesy of Jan Kahánek @ Unsplash)