"No child should face life's struggles alone..."

This is the heartfelt goal of Spurgeons Children’s Charity: that no child should face life's struggles alone...

Spurgeons work to support churches, families and individuals to face challenges and overcome struggles. One of the area in which they work is how to support a child if one of their parents is serving time in prison. This is a difficult and confusing time for children, but Spurgeons have some helpful and hope-filled advice:

What to say to a child….

They also have resources and prayers for you and your church to use and share HERE.

Spurgeons was founded by the Baptist preacher, Charles Haddon Spurgeon and his associates in 1867 and the charity have been working and serving vulnerable children and families for over 150 years…. Thank God for their work!

Pray with us….

A prayer for the Lord to protect and bless the children Spurgeons works with

Loving God, for all the children you have created, we give you thanks and praise. For the young people they grow to be, we give you thanks and praise. Give us the eyes to see and ears to hear their needs. Give us soft hearts to respond to their silent call for our support and assistance. Give us open minds to be taught by children as they speak to us. Help us see how we can support work that gives young people the opportunities to realise their potential. Help us to love them like Jesus loves them; to teach and show them what is true, just and compassionate.  We pray for Spurgeons work with the 1600 young carers they support; with the 500 prisoners who look to Spurgeons for help in becoming the fathers they should be; with the 1,200 children and young people Spurgeons staff have protected from harm in the last year; and the 3,000 children and parents receiving dedicated support from Spurgeons to be stronger more stable and loving families. We lift up all of these to Your throne of grace asking for Your Spirit to heal broken lives; to carry heavy burdens resting on young shoulders; and to protect the vulnerable from abuse, harm and exploitation. Lord, hear our prayer for those you have brought into Spurgeons’ care. Use Spurgeons as Your willing hands to transform their lives in ways that bring glory and honour to Jesus. Amen.

Photo courtesy of Unpslash by Pan Xiaozhen