Reaching out to universities - a church resource for you

The FCG Free Church Education Committee have just launched a flyer that can make a difference to how you serve in your community.

Universities, through the sector called Higher Education (HE), play a vital role in our society and communities. We have produced an easy to use flyer to help you and your church find out more about the HE sector and explore ways your church can get involved. You can download, print and share this HERE.

“Higher Education is a massively significant part of contemporary society, with an enormous cultural, social and economic impact on individuals and societies. Universities, the main focus for higher education, are formative for many of their students, not only in terms of intellectual development but also shaping values and world-views. Universities thus impact in a very direct way on nearly half the total young adult population, plus many older people; such is the reach of universities in Britain today. “ Extract from Hope in Higher Education Report which you can read, in full, here,

Join with us as we pray… Majestic God, as students aim higher and develop their God-given potential, give students firm foundations in your wisdom, rooted in your love and stability. We pray for the tutors and chaplains in universities - loving God, give them the wisdom, clarity and patience to support the students and staff with compassion. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen

(photo courtesy on Unsplash by Logan Isbell)