[Event] Equality & Diversity Training Days for Chaplaincy

Please register via the following links:

London: http://bit.ly/2gQ9z2I
Sheffield: http://bit.ly/2ggPaCR


Training Objective: To support chaplaincy services in order to...

  • Deliver services that promote equality and diversity.
  • Ensure equal access to high quality care for the population served.
  • Create plans to support service development, local policy development and recruitment. 
  • Target Audience: Lead chaplains, HR leads and equality leads

Purpose of Training: NHS chaplaincy in England has evolved considerably in recent years, largely in response to changing patient needs and increasing diversity of the population. Chaplaincy teams now often include people from a range of faiths and beliefs, including non-religious care providers.  The NHS England Chaplaincy 2015 guidelines acknowledged that: ‘Where requests for support relate to a particular religion or belief the chaplaincy service should be able to access appropriate support for the patient or service user and, when this cannot be matched, other chaplaincy support should be offered.’ Recognising the need for likeminded care, chaplaincy teams are developing their model of delivery to increase the choice available to patients, carers and staff.
When chaplaincy teams are more diverse the take up of the service increases, and so chaplaincy services will need to continue to evolve to best meet the needs of the people they serve, and to continue to provide high quality care for all.
This one-day training course will support chaplaincy services to complete a thorough equality assessment and apply this to all aspects of service development.
These events are free of charge. 
Please feel free to circulate this information to your network.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All food and drink will be provided. The organisers are happy to cater for specific dietary requirements. Please specify your requirements. 
The organisers have requested that no food and drink are to be  brought into both synagogues as all the food and drink consumed on the premises must be strictly kosher 



Date: Wednesday 25th January, 2017
Location: The Western Marble Arch Synagogue, 1 Wallenberg Place (formerly known as Gt Cumberland Place), London, W1H 7TN 


Date: Tuesday 28th March, 2017
Location: United Synagogue Sheffield, 3 Brincliffe Crescent, Sheffield, S11 9AW