FCG Education Prayer Guide for September (Week 1) - A prayer focus for our schools

A call to prayer

Education Sunday prayer (courtesy of Churches Together in England)
Let us come together and pray...

Loving God, Gather us in from north, south, east and west, from city, town and village.
Gather us together, in your name, as your church, to praise your Holy name.
Gather us and let your kingdom come. Let us rejoice in your glory and grace.
Gather us, like fragile saplings, at the start of this new term / new season, eager to learn,
even if we feel unsure.
Let us know we are always rooted deep in your love. Give us strong branches to reach out in trust. Gather us, as we draw close to Christ, listening to Jesus’ words. Let us be sustained by his ministry and saving love. Gather us ever closer to you when we know we have let ourselves and others down. Let us know your reassurance and the promise of forgiveness, so we can start afresh, this term / this season.
Gather us around the glow of the Holy Spirit; the Spirit that gives us fire in our hearts to
yearn for and work for justice. Let us be inspired and transformed to embody the change we want to see in the world.
Gather us, like threads, from all walks of life, from schools, colleges and universities; from
homes and workplaces; from places of transition and refuge. Let us be woven together, in your name, to create a haven of hope and wonder for all; to make a rich and diverse
tapestry of love and life in all its fullness, which reflects your Holy image.
Gather us and strengthen us to serve in the world; to reform all that is unjust; to reshape
and cherish the planet, to nurture the earth, as you intend. Gather us and empower us,
living God, to share the Good News of your grace and mercy.
In the name of Jesus, our friend and teacher.


(Prayer by Revd Sara Iles, Congregational Federation in Wales)

(Image courtesy of Rachel Kane, The Salvation Army)

A call to share

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A call to act

Is your church involved in the life and work of your local schools?
How could you develop links with them?
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