Starting out in Health Care Chaplaincy Course 2017


A course designed to introduce prospective Chaplains to the world of Health Care and Chaplaincy


Royal Infirmary Hospital, Manchester: Thursday 4th May and Monday 3rd July 2017

Free Churches Group, London: Tuesday 10th October and Tuesday 12th December 2017

The closing date for confirmed applications are:

Royal Infirmary Hospital, Manchester: Monday 24th April 2017

Free Churches Group, London: Monday 2nd October 2017

Starting Out in Healthcare Chaplaincy course will run in Manchester (May 2017) and London (October 2017). You can download the relevant documents, including the course handbook and application form from this page.

Course Application Form

Course Timetable

Course Handbook for Students

Course Guide for Faith and Belief Communities

Course Reflective Practice Log for students