Let's Love our Schools.

The FCG has been working with Pray for Schools for many years, as part of the Steering Group, and in partnerships with activities and prayer networks.

We are delighted to announce a collaborative project and call to prayer coming up next month: ‘Love our Schools'.

At Pray for Schools, they say that we long for every school in the land to be a prayed for school! Why not choose a date for this between 4th and 15th February?

All through the year hundreds of prayer groups meet together to pray because they want to support their local schools. As we look forward to the new hope that springtime brings, we thought it’d be great to encourage Christians up and down the country to join together to ‘Love our Schools’!

You can get involved at your local church or in your Bible study groups and fellowships, by downloading and sharing this free prayer resource HERE.

This inspiring and kind resources sheet includes ways we can bless our schools too!