REforming Christianity 


Thank you for your interest in these resources and welcome to REforming Christianity

Reforming Christianity: A new resource for Key Stages 2-4

These resources have been commissioned by the Free Churches Group and The Methodist Church, sponsored by the Westhill Endowment and produced in association with RE Today Services.

A new teaching resource for Religious Education for teachers
working with children and young people at Key Stages 2-4.

The Reformation....

What does the Reformation mean to you? Ancient History? Something to do with Henry VIII?

The period of soul-searching and challenge to authority which swept Europe 500 years ago heralded radical and sweeping changes to religion, culture and politics.

What does this 500 year-old conflict mean to pupils and how can we bring the huge impact of the Reformation to life in the classroom?

2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther, a devoted monk, publicly challenged the Church. His protest unleashed a chain of events that eventually broke apart a thousand years of Church tradition and heralded brutal sectarian conflict in Europe, as well as allowed many new ways to live a Christian life to flourish.

Supportive and classroom-ready, these lessons explore key historical and religious moments and movements, to support pupils’ deeper understanding of Christian belief and practice.

They cover questions such as:

  • How does change happen in religion?

  • Who can hear God’s words?

  • What does it take to stand up to authority?

They are FREE to download. Please click on the title of the lesson heading below to download these. 

  • 6 x Key Stage 2 lessons

1. A man called Luther; 

2. What was Luther's gift to the people? 

3. The Bible in translation: Wycliffe and the English Bible;

4. The Bible in translation: Tyndale and the English Bible;

5 & 6. Dissent and Danger in the Christian Church, with a series of case studies:

George Fox, Congregational Churches; Anabaptists; Thomas Helwys. 

  • 6 x Key Stage 3 lessons

1. Martin Luther and how the church changed

2. The Bible in English; Non-conforming in England;

3. How Christian attitudes to slavery changed; the Bible and slavery; abolitionism. 

  • 6 x Key Stage 4 lessons (in line with GCSE specifications)

1. Visions of Salvation (beliefs and teaching);

2. Trinity (beliefs and teaching);

3. Worship (practices);

4. Local Church (practices);

5. Baptism (practices);

6. Eucharist (practices). 

The FCG and Methodist Church are grateful to the Westhill Endowment for their funding and support with this work.