Hope in Higher Education 

In 2014, the Free Churches Group (FCG) with the Free Church Education Committee commissioned a working group to write a report and make recommendations for the work of the Free Churches Group for the arena of Higher Education. A Working Group was established, chaired by Revd Dr Stephen Heap. A Report was written and presented to the FCG Directors in 2015.

In May 2016, a forum was held to discuss issues and actions resulting from the report. An Action Plan was created, in Dec 2016, based on the report's Recommendations and the Free Churches Group are fully committed, in partnership with the Working Group, to develop strategies and make progress with the Recommendations. 

The Report is entitled Hope in Higher Education - a full copy of the report can be downloaded HERE.

Here is an extract from the Report. 

"Higher Education is a massively significant part of contemporary society, with an enormous cultural, social and economic impact on individuals and societies. Universities, the main focus for higher education, are formative for many of their students, not only in terms of intellectual development but also shaping values and world-views. Universities thus impact in a very direct way on nearly half the total young adult population, plus many older people; such is the reach of universities in Britain today. They have an impact on wider society too as they help disseminate views, values and ideas. The research they do will affect life for individuals and societies for generations. What is happening in higher education is, therefore, properly of vital concern to Christians concerned for the good of societies and individuals. For Free Church people, there are particular insights to be drawn from our principles and experience which can help resource engagement with universities for the good of staff, students, church and society. This report highlights such areas and recommends ways in which the FCG might engage with higher education for the good of all."

In August 2016, the Working Group drew up a paper setting out how the we, as the free churches, could work towards a Free Church Vision for Higher Education. You can read this visionary paper HERE

Watch this space for further news and ways in which your denomination and local church can get involved with this important work. 

For further information, please contact the FCG Education Officer, Sarah Lane Cawte sarah.lane.cawte@freechurches.org.uk 

Sara Iles, Education Assistant

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