Day 3 - Water from the Rock

Read: Exodus 17

THEMETo live life well we need to know that God is watching over us and engaging with us, especially when times are tough.

We have already seen how important water is in the desert and forty years of preparatory wilderness living, while looking after his father-in-law’s sheep, would have ensured that Moses knew all the watering places the Sinai Peninsula had to offer. But twelve tribes of people need more water than one man’s flock of sheep.

The bitter waters made sweet at Marah had served well, as had the twelve wells at Elim. Now, once again, the people were thirsty. And Moses had yet to discover the secret of God’s supply.

In the end, all it took was a rock and a staff, and some of Israel’s elders to act as witnesses. The plan was simple – a rock would release water: the first time in response to a blow, then subsequently whenever Moses spoke to whatever outcrop God had appointed in the vicinity!

The revelation was going to be given step-by-step and the initial striking went well. The people drank water from the rock at Horeb. Later at Kadesh it did not go so well. Moses used his stave a second time, striking the rock when he should have just spoken to it.

The New Testament shows us that Jesus is our Rock, and because He was struck at Calvary, we only need to speak to Him to receive all the refreshment we need.

No matter how well we think we know the path through life, it is good to discover that God has miraculous ways of refreshing us day-by-day, wherever we are.