Day 4 - The rod that budded

Read: Numbers 17

THEMETo live life well we need to know that God is watching over us and engaging with us, especially when times are tough.

When times are tough God can set a new direction for our lives.  This was certainly true for Moses’ older brother, Aaron. God was setting up a sacrificial system in the wilderness that would serve the children of Israel well in the Promised Land. A high priest was needed to carry out the most important sacrifices and Aaron was God’s choice.

There was, however, a problem. Aaron had led the people astray when Moses was receiving God’s instructions on the mountain. God had forgiven him but a dented reputation is hard to overcome.

Aaron was fulfilling his new role well. He had been washed, robed, anointed and consecrated and was enjoying serving God in the Tabernacle on behalf of the people. He loved the Holy Place lit by the golden lampstand with its carvings of almond blossoms and fruit, yet leadership comes at a price and some people questioned if he was the right man for the role.

Aaron, along with the leaders of the other eleven tribes, had a staff he leant on that marked his experience and signified his authority. Moses took the twelve rods of the leaders and laid them in the tabernacle overnight. In the morning Aaron’s rod had budded and was covered with almond buds, blossom and fruit. What better confirmation could there be that Aaron, fully forgiven and fully restored, was serving in the right place.

Sometimes God goes to great lengths to bring His reassurance to our lives.