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Mental health & Christian leadership - conference on 23rd Oct

A day conference for Christian leaders, chaplains, student workers and anyone interested in looking after their own mental health and that of others. This will be held at Bloomsbury Baptist Church, London on Wednesday 23rd October.

Lots of varied conference content and the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics… Theological input, panel discussions and a choice of workshops including exploring mental health first aid, supporting those in study, and worship and dementia.

The conference costs are £25 per person and you can find out more information and book your place here.

Come along and be inspired… learn together…

Develop skills and share good practice in this important area of ministry

For information contact

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Exploring Chaplaincy in Education - conference on 10th July - Manchester

Are you interested in exploring chaplaincy in education? Have you felt a calling to serve in this way? Are you currently working in education, but want to find out more about how your church can engage with colleges?

The Church of the Nazarene (who are members of FCG) in partnership with Festive, Chaplaincy Central and FCG are hosting a conference on 10th July in Manchester.

This will be a great opportunity to learn more about chaplaincy in education and to find out ways that you can support churches and colleges to work together to support the pastoral needs of students.

The event will be hosted by the Nazarene Theological College and tickets costs £20. You can find out more and book your place HERE.

The kind of student support services, prayer and encouragement that chaplains can provide in colleges are crucial to the progress and confidence students have - although FE serves people of many ages, further education is a key time of transition from youth to adulthood for younger students and so the work and witness of a college chaplain can be vital in offering guidance and support to them.

You can read more about what an FE chaplain can offer here. Please join us as we pray for the work of college chaplains and the staff and students at colleges whom they support and encourage.

To find out more about FE chaplaincy, why not read this?

"The hospitality of chaplaincy"

The Student Christian Movement (SCM) has been active members of the FCG Higher Education working Group over the last few years. Read who they are, in their words:

“We’re a movement of students, past and present, responding to the call of Jesus to follow him and show the love of God on campus, in our communities and in the world. We come together as an ecumenical and inclusive community, fostering unity in diversity and exploring faith through worship, discussion and action.”
— Student Christian Movement

One of their members, Ellen Lesser, who is studying Theology and Religion at the University of Exeter, has written a powerful article about the welcome and hospitality she found in the university chaplaincy.

You can read more about all the work the FCG has been doing to link with and support our churches engaging with the university sector HERE.

For resources for your churches have a look HERE.

Please join us as we pray for those in education and those supporting them.

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International Day of Prayer for Prison Ministry

Save the date! 25th August is the International Day of Prayer for Prison Ministry

You can check out links for resources and prayers from previous years HERE.

This is date is a gathering together and praying for the work of the International Prison Chaplain’s Association (IPCA) across the nations.

FCG’s very own Revd Bob Wilson serves on the IPCA Europe Steering Committee.

You can register for the IPCA newsletter and read more about their important work HERE.

Pray with us: Lord God, Blessed are you, creator of the universe. You have called us to serve you in bringing good news to the poor and liberty to those in prison. Look with kindness upon all who serve you in this ministry, grant us the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of your mission to all. Fill our hearts with zeal and perseverance as heralds of the Gospel. Amen

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"The breathing sacrament of chaplaincy"

In May 2019, a profound and interesting piece was published by a university student about her experience of chaplaincy whilst studying.

Shanika Ranasinghe writes, “University chaplains champion faith presence and practices on campus. What is sometimes less obvious is that they are part of university well-being teams: there for anyone of any faith, denomination or none, for pastoral support. Personally, chaplains have been a lifeline whilst battling health issues – indeed, a chaplain was the only reason I left my first university alive.”

Please join us as we pray for the vital work of chaplains in our universities:

At the start of the academic year (autumn)
Merciful God, we pray for all those starting university courses for degrees and vocational programmes. We know this is a time of great change, so we humbly ask that you uphold and guide the students at this time of transition. Living God, we pray for the parents, carers and church families who are waving off their church / family members who are embarking on university courses. Give the parents, carers and our churches the courage to be brave about this change in their family and church community, as they see their loved ones go on to a new phase in life.

Throughout the year
Majestic God, as students aim higher and develop their God-given potential, give students firm foundations in your wisdom, rooted in your love and stability. We pray for the tutors and chaplains in universities - loving God, give them the wisdom, clarity and patience to support the students and staff with compassion. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen

You can download resources and prayer sheets to help your churches to support work in universities and other educational sectors HERE

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