Do you want to learn more about the Reformation?

Are you involved in teaching RE and want to learn more about the Reformation? Or perhaps you are leading some Bible studies and have a goal to share more about the Reformed Protestant tradition to your congregation or youth and children’s groups?

The FCG, in partnership The Methodist Church, with support from the Westhill Endowment, have created some free resources which have been written by RE Today Services.

What does the Reformation mean to you? Ancient History? Something to do with Henry VIII? The period of soul-searching and challenge to authority which swept Europe 500 years ago heralded radical and sweeping changes to religion, culture and politics. What does this 500 year-old conflict mean to pupils and how can we bring the huge impact of the Reformation to life in the classroom?

You can find out more about this exciting and varied resources HERE.

"How should the Church change?"

The United Reformed Church (URC) magazine, Reform, has asked 95 opinion formers and opinion holders of today: How should the Church change?

This is part of the series marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The URC are a member of the Free Churches Group. 

You can read what those thinkers and teachers have to say on this question HERE

What would you say? Should the Church change? How should the Church change? 

Here are some of the views:

Loretta Minghella, CEO of Christian Aid
"Working across community and national boundaries, the Church must extend – and be seen to extend – the unceasing welcome at the heart of the Gospel to every person, each one made in the image of God, each known and loved and called by name."

And another, from the Rev Dr Graham Adams, tutor at Northern College, Manchester and minister in the Congregational Federation (a denomination who are represented by the FCG) - "A church shaken open – by the stories and questions it tends to close down; by childlike curiosity and playfulness it prefers to tame; by the gifts of strangers and surprises it holds at bay; by creation groaning and the suffering of the silenced; in solidarity with all who are being shaken open by God to the reality of the domination system and the alternative reality that beckons."


Photo taken by Revd Sara Iles at Holy Island Sept 2017 

Reforming Christianity: A new resource for Key Stages 2-4

Welcome to REforming Christianity

An inspiring and interesting range of RE teaching resources about the Reformation has been commissioned by the Free Churches Group and The Methodist Church, sponsored by the Westhill Endowment and produced in association with RE Today Services.

A new teaching resource for Religious Education for teachers

working with children and young people at Key Stages 2-4.

These resources are free to download and use in RE classrooms. 

How can I get these resources?

Simply e-mail us at
We will send you a password which will give you full access to all the resources.

All we ask in return is that you complete a questionnaire when you have used some or all of the resources for your age-group. We will use your feedback to develop further resources, and will have a better understanding of what works well in the classroom.

The resources consist of:

  • 6 x Key Stage 2 lessons - A man called Luther; What was Luther's gift to the people? The Bible in translation; Wycliffe and Tyndale; Christian reformers
  • 6 x Key Stage 3 lessons - Martin Luther and how the church changed; The Bible in English; Non-conforming in England; How Christian attitudes to slavery changed; the Bible and slavery. 
  • 6 x Key Stage 4 lessons (in line with GCSE specifications) - Visions of Salvation (beliefs and teaching); Trinity (beliefs and teaching); Worship (practices); Local Church (practices); Baptism (practices); Eucharist (practices). 


(Image shared, with kind permission of mission enabler, Adrian Wyatt of Xross Purposes. Visio Divina photography workshops; tel: 07976 362 615)