Praying for those receiving GSCE results..

A prayer from Pray for Schools network for today….

Praying for all students receiving GCSE results today……

May they have the grades they need to follow their dreams.

Where there is disappointment, may they know your love and plan for their lives.

In Jesus name.


FCG has had a long and productive working relationship with the Pray for School group - you can read more about their vital work and get your church / house group involved by checking out the link here.

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Global day of prayer for prison ministry on 25th August...

The Free Churches Faith Adviser to the Prison Service, Revd Bob Wilson, serves as the Vice Chair to the International Prison Chaplains Association (IPCA).

We are encouraged by the Association to pray for this vital work on 25th August. This date in the International Day of Prayer for Prison Ministry.

Please use this material in your homes, churches and communities, so that those in prison ministry around the world can come together as one in prayer on this day.

For the last ten years the IPCA Steering Committee has invited all those involved in prison ministry around the world to come together in a special day of prayer on 25th August, the birthday of IPCA. We would like to thank members of IPCA Oceania for arranging this year’s programme.

The logo for the Global Day of Prayer, Peter’s release from prison, was painted and given to IPCA by Jesper Nave.


International Day of Prayer for Prison Ministry - coming up on 25th August

The International Prison Chaplains Association works across the whole world and its mission is:

“Uniting, encouraging and equipping...

providing a global network of prison chaplains as they share God’s love

and restoring justice.”

FCG through our very own Revd Bob Wilson play an active and diligent role in the International Prison Chaplains Association; we are encouraged to pray with the Association on 25th August. You can download this year’s prayer and liturgy material here.

Join in the wave of prayer for those serving as prison chaplains across the globe…

Pray with us:

Lord God,

Blessed are you, creator of the universe.

You have called us to serve you in bringing good news to the poor and liberty to those in prison. Look with kindness upon all who serve you in this ministry, grant us the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of your mission to all. Fill our hearts with zeal and perseverance as heralds of the Gospel.



Date for your diary - coming up this autumn, a week of prayer for prisons (13-19 Oct) - check out link and find how how your church can get involved here.

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Students need our prayers.... pray with us

Loving God,

We ask you to be with all of the students who are receiving results and making decisions about their future studies over the coming days, across England and Wales. 

We pray that the results offer each student a way forward for their chosen study and work routes. Where the results are not as hoped, we humbly ask that you give them solace and further guidance. 

We pray for the young people in our churches and hope that the church community will offer support and encouragement to them. 

We ask that, in your mercy and power,  you uphold their parents, carers, teachers and advice workers, to give compassionate support to all students and young people at this time.

Living God, we ask that you bless the next stage on their learning and vocational journey.

Bless their pathways with courage and steadfastness. 

In the name of Jesus, our teacher and saviour,


FCG has been working hard over the last few years to develop links, strategy and plans for engaging with the university sector. You can read more about our vital work in this field here.

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Praying for guidance for those at school, college or university....

This time of the year can be a great time for rest and relaxation with summer holidays and family time. It can also be a time of anticipation, uncertainty and discernment for children, young people and their families and carers as they chart a way through the next stages of their academic and vocational pathway…

Perhaps you could give this prayer to your worship leader at your church this Sunday, so we can pray together.

Join with us at the FCG to pray to God…

Let us pray.

Loving God, We pray for all those who are seeking vocational guidance at this time in the academic year. We pray for all of those who are awaiting GCSE and A-Level exam results or the outcomes of vocational course diplomas and exams.

We pray for all those who are in the sixth form and FE who are visiting open days at Universities and planning the next steps in their vocational education.

We lift up those who are working in careers guidance as well as teaching & learning support.

We pray for all young people who are considering taking their first steps into work.

We pray for all adults who have been engaged in further and higher education who are planning to return to work after career breaks, spells of unemployment or raising a family.

May God uphold and direct those in need of support and direction. May the paths be clear and the purpose be steady.

'Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and He shall direct your paths' Proverbs 3:5-6.

In Jesus' name, we pray. 


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