Praying for those teaching RE...

Let us pray…

For teachers and support staff in the teaching of RE and those studying RE at primary and secondary school.

We pray for NATRE (National Association of Teachers of RE) and pray for wisdom as we engage with all faith traditions.


Learn more, dig deeper in your faith, explore our Free Church traditions…

  • Have you seen the RE Reformation resources commissioned by the Free Churches Group and The Methodist Church, sponsored by the Westhill Endowment and produced in association with RE Today Services..A teaching resource for Religious Education for teachers working with children and young people at Key Stages 2-4 - available here.

  • If you are interested in RE, if the the RE curriculum interests and inspires you to learn more… why not register for the NATRE newsletter?

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A prayer for students...

The Student Christian Movement has been active members of the FCG Working Group for Higher Education over the last few years. You can read more about this Group here.

Today we are sharing a prayer written for the SCM by Chine McDonald….

Why not share this prayer at your house group or on a coming Sunday at your church?

“Never-changing God,

At a time when we see fragmentation all around us, may we stand steady on the rock that cannot be shaken. As students find themselves in the hubbub of university life, may they find your still small voice.

As our identities are shaped and moulded by all that is around us, may we see ourselves as you see us.

As we seek to bring your light and life into our world, may we find the life in all its fullness that comes only from you.


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Read all about it!

Lost of good news and progress happening in The Free Church Education Committee (FCEC)!

Lots of prayer sheets and case studies you can share in your churches too!

The FCEC along with working groups commissioned by the Free Churches Group, have published a number of documents and papers which you can access and download below. We have also added references to other relevant reports, from ecumenical partners, from the field of education and chaplaincy, which you may find interesting.

You can read all about our work in the field of education and download some prayer flyers from the link HERE.

Read more about the work of the Committee here; join us in prayer for the work we undertake with our group members, partners and member churches.

Loving God… we know that there is always so much work to be done, challenges to overcome and things to be celebrated.

Be with the FCEC as they go into their forthcoming phase of work. The Committee has their next meeting later in October, so we pray for God’s mercy and grace to inspire them with courage and wisdom, as they seek to pursue their work.

We pray that they will encourage FCG members churches / groups to get involved and develop links with their communities schools, colleges and universities and do this to your glory. In Jesus’ name, we pray.


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Prayers at the start of a new academic year...

In my wider community, church and family life, I have been enjoying hearing about all the children, young people and adults who are starting new academic years.

September, with its seasonal shift to autumn, is often seen as a time of new opportunities and fresh starts. A time perhaps to turn over a new leaf or dig deeper and grow in our faith?

There are lots of different types of ways in which we engage with learning, at all different ages of our lives… whether in church, school, college, Bible study groups or community learning… here is prayer for you to share in your church or house group or to pray through in your personal devotions…

Loving God, We pray for all of those in formal and informal education: for those in colleges, universities, in our churches, our Bible study groups, our local schools, for those throughout our community centres, in evening classes and those exploring new pathways. Guide them and support them.

We pray that it is a time of transformation, joy, challenge, personal growth and vocational.
We pray for those in training for ministry and Christian service in our own denominations and across the member churches of the Free Churches Group.

We pray for the students and tutors involved in theological education and ministerial formation. May God uphold, provoke and guide them.

We pray for all those who are on a path to seek 'life in all its fullness' (John 10:10).

Loving God, encourage us to keep praying on this, to learn and share more about the gift of
education and to act with courage, conscience and conviction in your name!

In Jesus' name, our friend and teacher, Amen

Coming up this weekend - Education Sunday - click here for resources to share and pray with

Prayer and article by Sara Iles, FCG Education Asst

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Chaplaincy on the university campus -

Earlier in the summer Canterbury Christ Church University and the Research Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (and others), in collaboration with academic and ecumenical partners, launched an important report about chaplaincy on campus. You can read the report, along with its recommendations HERE.

The report is detailed and covers a great deal of ground - if you are interested in this topic, but do not have the time to read it all, you may find the introduction, recommendations and chapters 1, 7 & 8 particularly helpful in giving an overview.

Here is an extract from the Introduction: “Chaplaincy is a significant aspect of university life. The chaplaincy is often the first port of call for students of faith, as well as for non-religious students, staff, international students and those seeking a supportive, listening ear.” Read more here….

Chaplains play a vital role in the life and times of universities across the country. The FCG have been actively exploring this as part of their work on our HE Working Group. You can read more about the work of the FCG in relation to HE here.

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